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Implementation and Optimization of Big Data Platforms

You may add your critical business data which is not included in your analytic processes with Big Data platforms thus you may sharpen your analytic decisions. As GNA, we are implementing and optimizing Big Data platforms with our extensive knowledge on Big Data.

Search Engine Infrastructure

If you are a site having heavy search traffic or it is important to search your data faster you may use the power of Big Data and Elasticsearch systems for optimizing your search engines.

Keeping Data

You may keep the data that you should save for regulatory reasons within Big Data platforms. Your expenses will also decrease dramatically with Big Data systems.

Big Data For Your Analytic Processes

You may load giant data into Big Data systems for analyzing and turning them into valueble insights. These systems also could be integrated with your Business Analytic Tools and you may benefit from the distributed process power of Big Data systems with directly running them on these platforms. Please contuct us for industry specific solutions.



Customer Segmentation

Things appear seeming similar are not always same. Think about your customers; when you look more carefully you will notice that thier behaviors and tendencies are different. When you look at more carefully, you'll notice specific customer groups show similar features at specific points of intersection. As GNA, we offer you to know your customers closer and gathering them at right intersection sets. Seperate your customers into groups which are close to each other, come up to them with necessary proposals and thus try to  be close to them so they get closer to you

Lifetime Value Analysis

Your company is valuable, your customers are also valuable. Does each of your customers have same value for you? Determine your most valuable customers for your company, keep them in your hand. Find the less valuable ones, discover the key points that will make them more valuable and then make them more valuable for your company. Increase both your company's and your customers' value. Determine your company's needs and find potantials of your customers. Share the more with the less, and win always.

Customer Loyalty

Customers' loyalty to your company is not a feature of your customers, you need to bring this to them. Do not ignore your customers’ behaviors. As GNA, let us help you to identify the customers with a high level of loyalty for you by analyzing their behaviors and also help you to improve the level of loyalty of other customers by analyzing your present customers' loyalty accurately and understanding the reasons of this.

Customer Churn Prediction

Ignoring the existed thing does not remove the fact that it has happened. For us, every dark point is a potential to illuminate. Our approach to Churn, to determine the priorities of potential risks, to assign accepted risk-points and then making them to give a alarm are important points for estimating customer churn and to ensure that the correct action is taken. These are the most important points in this process. As GNA, we offer professional solutions to prevent customer churn by making the correct analysis for your company through our expert team.

Win&Back Analysis

Winning back your customers is an issue getting more important every passing day. What is intended here is to gain the customer left you as an unhappy customer. As GNA, we offer you a detailed analysis and determine the most appropriate solution. As a result of this analysis, let us help you to determine which customers are more valuable for you and which you want to recover. Next step is to find the reasons of this to win them back. Let us find these reasons with correct calculations and allow you to make the most appropriate offers. Our expert team is ready to make accurate analysis for you and your customers.

Customer Retention

Anyone who has managed a company knows how important is to keep existing customers in hand. Effort for keeping existing customers is higher than gaining new customers and we should not forget the fact that potantial new customers of your competitors are present customers of your company. As GNA, we are ready to offer you the necessary insfrastructure to keep your customers in hand. Our request is, instead of understanding the value of your property with losing them, show you this value clearly by correct analysis and to help you retain them.

Basket Analysis & Potential Prediction

Every company need to know what their customers necessities are and should take action according to that. If you are aware of what you need, let us show you what it is by correct analysis. Under today's conditions where consumption is getting more conscious; basket analysis, cross-selling concepts and potential predictions are moving towards becoming an obligation from being an important factor for companies. At this point work with those who are different to get ahead of your opponents. As GNA, let us be a bridge on the road of data to knowledge. Our expert team is ready to lighten your companies’  way by doing the most suitable and detailed analysis with the data that you have.

Demand Prediction

No one has the ability to see the future. But if we look at history, we see that great achievements are accomplished by the decisions which are taken with foreseeing the situations having high possibilities. The data that you have is the written history of your company. Our customer demand prediction solution’s aim is to predict the needs of your customers and what they would demand by analysis of existing data and by the estimations with correct parameters and to give you results having high probability. For winning always instead of losing we offer you the opportunity of writing history with taking lessons from history using correct predictions.

Social Network Analysis

Nowadays, with the widespread use of social networks, its importance in our life has reached to a very important level. Habit of sharing information about ourselves, thoughts, satisfaction about specific issues or complaints at social media is getting more common. This makes social networks an important source of data each passing day. As GNA, we are aware of this importance. Today, data is everywhere.   Would you think about getting information from social networks especially twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. to recognize a person better? Think about your customers,  you know that you need to be close to them so that they are close to you. So how is it possible to learn about their preferences, intentions, personal, cultural, and behavioral characteristics, both positive and negative attitudes on issues for knowing them better? Especially if you need this in cases where the data is limited? Here comes in the importance of social network analysis. As GNA we know how crucial social network analysis is for knowing your company's customers better. Our expert team in this subject is ready to offer you the right solutions.

Data Strategy & Quality

Most companies have so much data about their customers. This data stands in different silos within the organization and companies consider bringing them together as impossible. It is possible that a customer may have different data in different places and it is also possible for the same customer that same data may exist with the same meaning being kept in a different way. But under this chaos how can you see the details of your customers accurately and in a complete manner. As GNA, we offer you right, meaningful and complete unified customer information through our quality studies on your customer data and customer unification solutions.



Sales Force Management Solutions

Sales force is a process that companies spent effort in terms of both time and financial. Therefore, today's companies are searching for solutions to manage their sales force more effectively in terms of time and financial. At this stage, it will provide a significant gain to companies to design sales management according to regions, products and market status and to plan your sales force to bring maximum benefit parallel to the effort spent. We help you to direct your companies sales processes by developing effective and accurate strategies. Thus, there is a double sided gain both from sales and as well as the gain earned from the efficiency of spent effort. If you also want to win twice at a time, learn about sales force management solutions that we offer you from our expert team.


Sales Team Effectiveness

Pipeline Analysis

Forecast Accuracy

Cycle Times

Lead Conversation Rates

Compensation Management

When it comes to the provision of employee satisfaction, one of the most important methods is without a doubt bonus approach and to provide additional privileges. This system should be managed providing the best benefit in terms of employees and employers. Taking into consideration that employee satisfaction  is related directly with their performance, companies use bonus system approach in order to get high performances using small amounts. Here the situation faced by the employer is usually like “How can I apply the right bonus system to increase employee satisfaction and performance with the least cost to the company?” The importance of the management of employee compensation emerges at this point. We share most accurate calculations with you required for defining compensation by analyzing the specific factors for both employees and company. We carry out our analysis considering the matters such as work capability for the employee and keeping the employee at the company and company's profitability for the employer at these calculations. As a result of this analysis we are defining most appropriate compensation state detecting the status of your employees and company correctly. According to the current situation these may be in form of performance payments, dividend approach (dividends), sales commission, award certificates, award services, etc. You do not have to give much more to achieve more. Have the most appropriate system for your company with our expert team’s analysis.

Performance Analysis

Achieving the right results is possible through the right calculations. Providing to accomplish your companies’ objectives, the most important thing is undoubtedly your company's employees therefore seeing the potential of your employees, measuring the performance of them and evaluating them properly is very important. As GNA, our professional team is ready to make the measurement of performance which is important besides it is difficult. Instead of getting wrong results with incorrect measurements, you can evaluate the performance of your team members through our expert team’s  right approach.


Business Analytics & Reporting Solutions

Nowadays, the importance of the data is getting higher with increasing size of owned data. It is getting important to obtain information from this data and to get reports helping make strategic decisions. As GNA, we provide you; to get the right answers to your questions, supply you reports with the data you have in terms of clarity and rich visuals to create an environment that will allow you to make correct analysis. Our expert team is ready to help you for your industry and your company to provide you with the most accurate analysis and reporting solutions.

Profitability Solutions

There is no doubt that the profitability is the most important issue for a company. The importance of the measurement of profitability comes into play at this point. Profitability measurement  is subject to; the level set, parameters used, variety of calculations and market situation being considered changing over time, so it is important as well as being difficult in the aspect of bringing the calculation a lot of analysis  and methods. As GNA, our expert team is ready to help you make the right analysis and get correct results along this profitability measurement process. We are here to provide you with what you have. According to the needs of the industry and your company, please get in touch with our expert team to provide the right value through our customer,channel and product-based profitability solutions

Customer Based Profitability

Product Based Profitability

Channel Based Profitability



Datawarehousing Solutions

Data warehouse solutions are quite important analytical considerations for taking strategic decisions, to understand the corporate issues that you want to know in a right way and getting consistent reports and analysis. It is also very important that the data warehouse is prepared by experts in their fields to get the right results. Depending on the right analyzed company needs and metrics according to its industry, the ideal structure that logical and physical models are implemented accordingly from start to finish through a consistent work ensures complete and satisfactory results. As GNA,  we are ready to present our experience and the right solution that is most suitable for the structure of your company in the light of information gained from our industry knowledge. Let us offer you the analysis environment to achieve the results that you need and that will store historical data from different data sources, and allow you to recieve right reports in a way of high-performance and also help  you get the right decisions from the knowledge obtained from your data.   Right results are possible with the right answers. We are ready to provide you with the most correct answers to your questions.

Dimensional Analysis & Modelling

Datawarehouse & DataMart Design

ETL Development

Master Data Management

The quality of your data is important for getting the correct results from them. Making the right decision is not possible with the reports taken from different sources, redundant data and inconsistent results . As GNA, we are providing the format that you will get accurate results from your reports by analyzing the data flow of your system correctly, modeling accordingly and bringing a single and consistent form. Our expert team is ready to help you in data management to prepare the required environment ensuring the realism and efficiency of the results obtained from your data.

Data Quality Assesment

Address Quality Improvement

Customer Unification

Customer Data Hub


Big Data Solutions

Customer Analytic Solutions

Sales Analytic Solutions

Business Analytic Solutions

Data Management Solutions