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Business Intelligence converts raw data into information that can be used for making the right decision. In order to have true information and make the right decision, a targeted team with a specialty in BI is essential for both project management and development.... » Training

Our training programs cover conceptual business intelligence and and a wide range of ETL development tools. Our hands-on experience will be helpful for not only new BI specialists, but also those who would like to know more about sector specific solutions... »

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Several unique software tools are being used, in order to manage complex data flow through out a company. The number of management softwares increases day-by-day and the generated data gets bigger. Hence this raw data is non-relational, inconsistent and impossible to analyze.


GNA serves with product-free solutions in Business Intelligence to increase productivity. Specilizing in BI, gives us the proficiency in BI tools. A well designed BI platform will support you to make strategic decisions for today and for the future.






9 December 2013: GNA, started Data Management project at a leading company in insurance sector.

5 September 2013: GNA, started Data Quality project at a leading company in finance sector.

27 August 2013: GNA, became partner of Qlikview.

22 July 2013: You may reach our datawarehouse white paper from here.

18 April 2013: GNA, made data integration workshop at a leading company in insurance sector.

18 March 2013: GNA sponsors DAMA Turkey Chapter "Big Data: Solution Looking for Problems" event.

6 November 2012: GNA sponsors IDC Big Data and Business Analytics Forum 2012.